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Same-day settlements
from the PSP that
specialises in Asia

Same-day settlements from the PSP that specialises in Asia

Dominant across multiple industries

Some of the biggest names in Finance and Gaming across Asia depend on us as the
revenue pipeline for their customer facing operations. We have achieved this because:

We built our business on reliability, credibility and deliver

We are a highly trusted partner in the Asia market

We've been sustainable when our competitors could not

Our Payment

To make sure we stay ahead of the competition, we guarantee to always support the region’s most popular payment channels. We also work tirelessly to ensure that they are online and stable around the clock so your operation has the most dependable checkout support.

Supporting China’s only domestic bankcard organization enables your business to accept e-payments from the largest market in Asia, so large in fact, it has a higher global transaction volume than Visa.

WeChat, the primary social network in China has gained 40% market share of mobile payments in the region through the deployment of WeChat Pay supported its giant user base and product innovation.

Backed by the eCommerce giant that is Alibaba, Alipay took the Chinese payment space by storm since its launch. Today, it has become so much more than just “the PayPal of China”.

Work with the biggest and most trusted names in the west for a truly global checkout experience while benefiting from the positive brand association of supporting these highly established options.

Your business deserves the of a PSP that is truly global. RPNpay operates on a worldwide scale with faster international payments and consistent global accounts.

Why we’re on top

Same-day Settlements

Get your balance paid out on the same day you request it. A quality that our competitors cannot match.

Competitive Rates

We’re proud to offer highly competitive rates that allow your operation to grow and prosper.

24/7 Support

The customer service team we have put together is highly knowledgeable and available around the clock.

Asia Payment Expertise

Make sure you are supported by the best, in a region where many providers fall short and working with a knowledgeable partner is essential.

Merchant & Vendor Settlements

If you are a merchant we can pay your vendors. If you are a vendor we can collect from your merchants.

Flexible Processing

When your operation grows you need to be supported by a PSP that can handle massive growth in transaction volume.

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and support your business with an industry leading PSP

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